The Importance of Educating and Engaging Patients

Mental health is a critical topic. That’s why clients who receive mental health services of any sort need to be educated. By understanding the treatments that they receive, clients will be more engaged. Patient engagement is a critical component of any mental health care plan.

Taking the time to educate clients can motivate them to do more for their own personal wellness. It can motivate them to think in more detail about all of their care decisions for the future as well. Our team at I-View prioritizes client education as a means of boosting engagement. We also educate our clients in order to enhance our treatment methods. With informed patients and personalized treatment plans, we can be more effective in helping our clients boost their overall well-being.

Mental Health and Educating Our Clients

Since we’re a center that promotes the power of client education, we make presenting all of our patients with as much information as possible one of our top priorities. We don’t ever want our clients to be in the dark regarding their treatment. Many clients lean on us for assistance with home care, telepsychiatry and medication.

We set up “debut” appointments with all of our clients. Once these appointments take place, we assess their situations. We evaluate their circumstances and come up with potential adjustments to their existing regimens. Later, we send our clients in-depth email messages. These messages discuss patient-care programs at length. They go into the ins and outs of medicines that are part of their treatment plan. The messages cover appropriate medication use as well.

Our team members put together comprehensive summaries of all sessions. Clients can review these summaries as they desire. Our messages always include information that pertains to a client’s overall wellness.

Education and Knowledge About Medicine and Therapy

Medicine and therapy aren’t topics that should be taken lightly by any of our clients. We want our clients to feel empowered regarding the medicines they put inside of their bodies. That’s why we provide education about medication side effects, dosages and potential interactions. Our team also wants clients to feel confident about their therapy sessions.

We believe that it’s important for our clients to understand their full treatment plan, especially the therapies that will be used to improve their mental health. Knowing what to expect from therapy and how to process feelings and emotions experienced during sessions will improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Contact the Team at I-View

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