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Televideo & In-Person Appointments Available
DNA testing available for better medication options

A Path to Well-being

Our number one aim is and has always been to simultaneously promote the wellness of the soul, body and mind.

Holistic Treatments

Our team members rely on diverse mental health care approaches.

A Seasoned Team

The team at I-View includes some of the most seasoned and capable therapists, nurse practitioners and physicians in the field.

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Comprehensive Mental Health Services Available in the Syracuse, NYC area and Florida

Mental health should be a top priority for everyone nowadays. Modern life is fast-paced and can be stressful and unpredictable at times. Thankfully, resources are on hand for people who want to focus on optimal wellness. I-View is a wellness center that presents clients with various options for improving their mental health and becoming their best selves.

Our clinicians work tirelessly to help our clients start on the path to well-being. That’s the reason that we present our clients with a broad assortment of choices in holistic treatments. Some examples of these are group therapy, talk therapy, aromatherapy and faith therapy. We even assist patients who are in need of medication. Nothing matters more to our clinicians than getting our clients on the track to attaining and safeguarding their vital cores.

Plentiful Choices in In-Depth Mental Health Specialties

We make a point of giving all our clients access to a broad range of specialties that may enhance their mental health. We have a strong track record in the field of telepsychiatry. Our approach to this treatment method can make things a lot simpler for our clients. They can receive psychiatric counseling using their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Home care is yet another option that’s on the table for our clients. If you have any kind of mental disorder that has made managing your day-to-day life markedly more difficult, our home care can save the day for you. This in-home assistance isn’t just beneficial for our clients. It also helps their households.

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